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John has no interests or hobbies or responsibilities. At least none that he wants you to know about.

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Ex-Bus Boy

But no longer on the

travelling back and forth between Waterloo and Toronto.
I saw a guy, on a Greyhound bus, working on a laptop, talking on a cell phone. On a Greyhound bus. So I said to him "Hey, buddy, could you, ah, pick an income level?"
-- Comedian Mike Royce on Late Night with Conan O'Brien, November 26, 1998
Actually - I've taken my last trip on the bus, Wednesday June 9, 1999. The bus overheated and stalled. Took two and a half hours. Gonna miss that commute.

Personal Philosophy

Oh Boy!

What? More? You must be kidding ...

My real home page contains even more nonsense.

General Concepts: Yesterday's Solutions to Tomorrow's Problems
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LISA '13

John Sellens is teaching "Nagios: Advanced Topics" at the 2013 USENIX LISA System Administration Conference in Washington, DC, November 3-8.

LISA '13
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