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KWLT Sneak Previews

Here's what's coming up -- add these events to your calendar now! Check elsewhere in the newsletter for more details.

The Primary English Class -- February 28--March 2, March 5--9, 8pm

Check page gif for all the details!

Power Plays -- March 28--30, 7pm

See page gif for information you need!

Technical Workshop -- Focus on Lighting -- March 2-3, 10-11

Tim Jackson will be leading a lighting workshop over two weekends. March 2 and 3, 12pm to 4pm and March 10, 6pm to 10pm and March 11, 7pm to 11pm. The cost for the workshop is $40 for one weekend, or $65 for both. For more information, contact Laura Pattison at 886-7065.

Mental Floss -- Sundays at 8pm

Comedy! almost every Sunday night, starting March 3 (except March 10 and 31), at 8pm.

Children's Workshop -- March 21 -- April 25

Cathe Huras is once again leading a workshop for children ages 12 to 16, Thursdays from 5pm to 7pm for 6 weeks. $72, $12 per week. For more information, leave a message for Cathe at KWLT.

Lip Service -- Apr 13, May 4, June 1, 7pm

Our monthly presentation of rehearsed readings, radio plays, monologues, duets, and our very own improvised soap opera, ``Still Young and Restless: The Next Generation''. We're taking March off to see ``The Primary English Class'' -- see you in April! Only $4, $3 for KWLT members, with an extra $1 off if you bring a donation for the Food Bank.

One Act Play Weekend Auditions -- April 1, 2, 7-9pm

If you've wanted to get involved in a play, this is your chance! Our One Act Play Weekends are designed specifically to provide lots of opportunities for our newer or less experienced members. Come on out and find out how you can get involved!

One Act Play Weekend -- May 24-26, 8pm, 2pm Sunday

Our One Act Play Weekends return in May, with more one act play to entertain you. $5, $4 members.

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John M. Sellens
Sat May 11 13:34:36 EDT 1996