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Why Did I Leave UW?

It was time to seek some new adventures.

For those voyeurs out there, here are some excerpts from my formal resignation letter:

This has been, without a doubt, the most painful decision that I have ever been forced to make. It pains me greatly to be leaving the University, which has been an integral part of my academic, professional and personal life for the past 20 years. I love this place, and I've loved working here, and I have been very proud to believe that I have been helping to serve the public good, by contributing to the very important effort that is public education and research.
It is clear to me that this represents a very significant loss for me personally, ...
There are many wonderful, dedicated staff members within Information Systems and Technology and the University, and I have been very proud to hope to count myself as one of them. Over the last few months, many of my co-workers, both within IST and across campus, have expressed strong support for me and my contributions, and I have been very gratified and honoured by their support and consideration.

It is my fervent hope that circumstances will some day allow me to return to employment at the University of Waterloo. Until that time, while I may be elsewhere, my heart will always be at UW.

Sincerely, and with great sadness,
I was very grateful to be mentioned in the UW IST What's New page, August 13, 1997:
"IST and the University have lost an extremely talented and dedicated staff member with the resignation of John Sellens. With his 20 years of association with the University, as a student and staff member of MFCF and IST, John is widely known and highly respected. We wish John well in his new adventures."

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LISA '13

John Sellens is teaching "Nagios: Advanced Topics" at the 2013 USENIX LISA System Administration Conference in Washington, DC, November 3-8.

LISA '13
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