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Computer Languages I Have Known

I have used (to a greater or much lesser extent) the following computer "languages" (which is a description that is more or less fitting to various of the following).
  1. 360 assembler
  2. 8086 family assembler, but as little as possible
  3. watiac and watmap -- assmbler and machine language in CS250 by CSG
  4. ada -- in class only thankfully
  5. awk
  6. b
  7. basic
  8. c
  9. cobol
  10. csh
  11. DCL -- the VMS scripting/shell language
  12. fortran -- watfiv mostly
  13. html -- does this count as a language?
  14. hypo -- ludicrous high-school machine language
  15. icon
  16. JCL -- just enough to have known about // and DD* or something like that
  17. lisp -- just a little
  18. ms-dos bat files
  19. pascal
  20. perl
  21. postscript
  22. prolog
  23. qed/fred -- an editor or a programming language? you decide
  24. roff -- roff (and the SDG rewrite t-something), nroff, troff
  25. sh
  26. snobol
  27. sql -- just a smidge
  28. tcl/tk/expect a bit
  29. tex and latex
  30. wsl -- Waterloo Systems Language
I have probably missed some here and there.

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"The Elements of Style: UNIX As Literature" by Thomas Scoville

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John Sellens is teaching "Nagios: Advanced Topics" at the 2013 USENIX LISA System Administration Conference in Washington, DC, November 3-8.

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