JMSellens Papers Page

I've written a few papers from time to time, and some of them are available here.

LISA 96 Travelogue

I went to the 10th USENIX LISA System Administration conference in Chicago in early October 1996, and I've written a travelogue, summarizing the things that I did and learned, and I've also written (with two other people) an article for ;login: summarizing the Advanced Topics in System Administration Workshop held as part of the conference.

Towards Less Insecure Administrative Networks

This was a presentation at the 26th Ontario Universities Computing Conference, held at the University of Waterloo, May 26-28, 1996. All sorts of versions of the presentation are available.

filetsf: A File Transfer System Based on lpr/lpd

This was presented at the USENIX LISA IX '95 conference in Monterey CA September 22, 1995. You can get

Software Maintenance in a Campus Environment: The Xhier Approach

This was presented at the USENIX LISA V '91 conference in San Diego CA October 1, 1991. You can get
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