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Did You Know?

In keeping with our current preoccupation, we thought we would give you a little history of the KWLT building, as best we can remember it.

KWLT acquired the building at 9 Princess Street East in 1954, apparently as part of a bequest from a member (anyone have any more details?). Over the next year and a half, the building was extensively renovated to get it ready for use, and it was ready some time in 1956.

After a number of successful years, KWLT needed to expand, and in 1964 the back half of the building was added on to the existing structure, providing workshop and storage space.

In the summer of 1993, after much discussion and planning, we started converting the back half into our ``Stage One'' black box theatre, which led the way to our first profitable season in several years. The fall of 1993 saw us constructing a partition wall in the lobby, to create what are now the office and dressing room. After taking some time to catch our breaths, the summer of 1994 saw us completely gutting the main floor, replacing the wiring, creating a vestibule, and reinforcing the supports for the second floor. We also got an upgrade to our electrical service, and two new furnaces! And we painted and patched the front and side of the building too!

That brings us pretty much up to date - now all we have to do is replace the roof! (Support the KWLT Building Fund!)

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