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What Happened at the AGM?

KWLT's Annual General Meeting was held June 28. Thank you to Sharon Voskamp for preparing the wonderful food that was greatly appreciated by all in attendance. We ended up starting later than planned since we didn't have quorum right at 7:00pm, but eventually enough members arrived so that we could get under way.

Several members of the Board had volunteered to serve an extended, 2 year term, and the other members of the Board voted to accept their offers. And so, at the AGM we thanked several retiring Board members for their work this past year: Sandi McMullen, Jasmine Mangalaseril, Irene Price, and Peter Houston.

At the AGM we elected four Directors to fill the vacancies on the Board; welcome to Elizabeth, Suzanne and Laura, and welcome back to Pat. The KWLT Board of Directors for this year is:

We are still looking for two more directors to complete our Board of 13, and we still need to appoint Directors to the positions of Director of Publicity, VP Administration, and Executive Producer.

In addition to the Board positions, KWLT has several appointed positions that needed to be filled. We were able to fill 2 of these positions; we welcome George Wangersky as Building Manager and Pat Matlock as the KWLT Technical Director. We want to thank Jeff Voskamp for his work has past Building Manager and John Sellens for his work as past Technical Director. We are still looking for a Front of House Manager, Fundraising Leader, and a Social Convenor. Let us know if you are interested in any of the available positions by leaving your name and number on our answering machine (886-0660).

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Tue Jul 25 23:53:11 EDT 1995