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And finally ...

A special welcome to our many new and renewing members - look at the size of this list! Linda Carson, Teresa Dunat, Hazel Dunne, Tyler Felber, Michael Forler, Andrew Grant, Cheryl Grant, Heather Gurd, Carol Hamilton, HedgeHog Productions, Nic Hesse, the Jewinski family, Melanie Lindsay, Karen Lucas, Pat Matlock, Bob McFarland, Paul McKone, Dawn Miles, Joey Morin, Ryan Neill, Tami Neill, Carolyn Parks, Irene Price, Kim Rabishaw, Donna Robertson, Bernie Roehl, Becky Sattler, Kari Sattler, Kristin Schaefer, Emily Shelton, Darlene Spencer, Tina Sweeny, Jeff and Sharon Voskamp, and The Waterloo Theatre Company. Sorry to anyone we've missed or mis-spelled!

And we seem to have lost track of some members, due to household moves or postal accidents. If you know where we can find any of these people, please drop us a line, or ask them to contact us Keith Bider, Peter Burrell, Heidi Classen, Donald Corbett, Nicole Deveau, and Ann Weiler. Thank you for your help.

See you at the theatre!
Tue Jul 25 23:53:11 EDT 1995