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1995-96 Season Planning

The season committe has had a few meetings to discuss what our 1995-96 season will look like. Although we are seriously short of directors for our main stage productions, we have come up with a wish list for the season. We have also selected dates that have been reserved for Main Stage productions and a list of possible plays that could be chosen. This list is far from complete.

As mentioned, we are in need of directors for the coming season and indeed, for the 1996-97 season too. If you are interested in directing, or know of someone else who might want to direct, please let us know by leaving your name and number and a short message on our answering machine at 886-0660. Remember, this list of plays is only a list of suggestions; if you know of any other plays that might suit our season, please let us know.

We are hoping to hold our fall show the last two weekends in October, and were thinking of a mystery, thriller, or horror play. Possible suggestions are Sherlock's Last Case, by Charles Marowitz, The Butler Did It, by Walter Marks and Peter Marks, Sinners, by Norm Foster, Stage Blood, by Charles Ludlam, and Death by Chocolate, by Paul Fried.

In early December, we want to have a family show, with a Christmas or holiday orientation. One example is Kringle's Window, by Mark Medoff. If we don't have a December family show, then we hope to have one in February, possibly The Children's Story, by James Clavell, Jacob Two-Two, by Mordecai Richler, Dinosaurs and all that Rubbish, by David Wood and Peter Pontzen, or Twelfth Night for Kids, by Lois Burdett and Christine Coburn.

At the end of March, we're planning to present our second annual Adjudicated Short Play Contest, Power Plays.

And, to wrap up our 1995/96 season, we plan to present a comedy at the beginning of June. Some suggested plays are All In The Timing (six one-act comedies), by David Ives, The Hand That Cradles the Rock, by Warren Graves, Critic's Choice, by Ira Levin, Night of the Living Beauty Pagent, by Tim Kelly, and Automatic Pilot, by Erika Ritter. If we select All In The Timing, there is a possibility that we may need multiple directors, each doing one or two of the one-acts (if that sounds like fun, let us know!).

If you would like descriptions of any of these suggested plays, contact Joanne Mathon and she'll send you a copy of the play summaries.

We're planning to have some play readings in the near future - if you would like to join us, give Joanne Mathon a call at 579-2046.

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