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What's Up With Lip Service?

It's almost time for Lip Service to start up again after our summer vacation, and we're going to be holding auditions to find a few more people to join the Lip Service troupe.

Lip Service is our monthly presentation of rehearsed readings, radio plays, monologues, duets, songs, and our very own improvised soap opera, ``Still Young and Restless: The Next Generation''.

We're going to need 4 or 5 new members to round out the gang. We meet once on Sunday evening two weeks before the show for an hour or so, and rehearse as a group at 5:00pm the day of the show. We'll be looking for energetic and talented individuals who are comfortable performing in front of an audience with only a small amount of rehearsal, and who are ready to (or ready to learn how to) improvise our loosely-scripted improv.

Auditions will be some time in the first two weeks of August (we're still working out the details), and we'll be posting the date and time at the theatre and on the answering machine. But, to make sure you don't miss your chance, call John at 579-2046 for all the details.

And for everyone else, come see Lip Service at 7pm the first non-holiday Saturday of every month, September 9, October 14, November 4, and December 2. Only $4, $3for members, and get an extra $1off if you bring something for the Food Bank.
Tue Jul 25 23:53:11 EDT 1995