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What's Been Happening at KWLT?

After months of planning, Power Plays, KWLT's Adjudicated Short Play Contest, took place in late March. It was a great success and all involved found it very rewarding, thanks in great part to our adjudicator, Rod Carley, who was with us thanks to a grant from Theatre Ontario.

We liked Rod so much, we invited him back to KWLT for a directing workshop before he left for a summer of directing of his own. The workshop was really good, and we're hoping to have Rod back in the fall, perhaps for a workshop on auditioning. Stay tuned!

As the summer looms before us, it's almost time to think about what this summer's building project is going to be. We have some interior painting and finish work to complete, and we need to get our roof looked at, but we hope to spend some time sprucing up the exterior of the building, and making KWLT and the things we do just a little more obvious. And you, of course, are invited - give us a call and let us know you're interested in helping out.

And, we were delighted to hear from the City of Waterloo that we had been awarded an increased operating grant for 1995, and, in addition, that we had been awarded a $4,000 project grant to help with our building repairs and updates!!

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Wed Jul 26 00:04:40 EDT 1995