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I HATE HAMLET!! - June 8-10, 15-17

We're wrapping up our 94/95 main stage season with the outrageous comedy I Hate Hamlet, by Paul Rudnick. It's a witty adventure about love &theatre &ghosts &virgins &swordplay &betrayal &indecision and, of course, about hating Hamlet. And it's got men in tights!

Andrew Rally, a hot young L.A. star, has come to New York to establish his credibility as a ``real'' actor ... by playing Hamlet. His career's on hold, his agent's ill and his girlfriend won't sleep with him. Now, the ghost of John Barrymore, the legendary actor and lover, insists on giving Andrew advice ... on acting, on loving, on life and the virtues of a flattering pair of tights.

This wickedly funny Broadway hit has never before been staged in Southern Ontario. The KWLT production is directed by local playwright, artist, and KWLT member Linda Carson and features the most ambitious set yet for our favorite black box theatre, Stage One. We've got a fireplace, doors, and a full size, full height staircase!

The cast features KWLT members new and old: Robin Bennett, Heather Gurd, Joanne Mathon, Paul McKone, Lynda Munz, and Anand Rajaram. During these last weeks of rehearsal, the cast has been hard at work, especially Robin and Anand. Not only did they develop their characters and memorize their lines, but they've learned to fence! Yes, fence! With real, actual swords!

I Hate Hamlet has something for everyone: ghosts, virgins, Shakespeare, sword fights, men in tights and lots of laughs.

I Hate Hamlet runs Thursday to Saturday, June 8/9/10 and June 15/16/17 at KWLT's Stage One. Curtain is at 8:00 p.m. and tickets are just $10each ($8for KWLT members). Call KWLT at 886-0660 to reserve your tickets or to get more information. This is going to be a great show - don't miss it!

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